Elizabeth Trump Grau ( Trump's sister)

Elizabeth Trump Grau is also known as Donald trump's sister' who is the present president of the united state of America (45th president of the united states).


Elizabeth Trump Grau is born into a great business and a luxurious family. Because the surname trump has become a name that won't be forgotten in a hurry as far as America is concerned. The trump surname popularity started in Germany during the 17th century. Because Elizabeth had German immigrants grandparents' Her father's
name is Frederich christ trump who was born on 11th October 1905 and mother
Mary Anne MacLeod Trump.
Her father started his business by selling houses to families of world war armies.and this business grew into a multi-millionaire business.

Trump Siblings from left Robert, Elizabeth, Freddy, Donald, and Maryanne (Photo: Washingtonpost)

Date of birth (Elizabeth Trump Grau );

She first came into this world in 1942 and she is the 3rd number child of her parents

Education of (Elizabeth trump Grau);

In childhood, Elizabeth attends Kew forest high school located in new york city. Soon after her graduation, She inrolled at southern Virginia university located in California, where she obtained her bachelor's degree.

The profession of (Elizabeth trump Grau);

She started her career as a banker and she was an American banking executive, She worked as an administrative assistant at chase manhattan bank in new york before retiring to Florida.
In 1996 she bought a Hamptons mansion for the price of  $1.2 million, In 2017 Elizabeth trump Grau sold her large dwelling house which lies in the village of Westhampton Beach for $3.7 million. In 2016 the house hit $5.5 million in the market, but the price fell until new york bankruptcy attorney Kenneth Eckstein secured the house in his name.

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Marital status (Elizabeth Trump Grau);

Elizabeth Trump Grau shared her wedding vows with James Walter Grau on March 26, 1989, at the Marble Collegiate Church in New York. James Walter Grau was an American film producer. He was also the president of a production company called charisma productions at the time. James Walter Grau is a Northwestern University graduate. James Grau was married before and has a son from his previous relationship which ended in divorce.


James Walter Grau Career;

James inaugurated his career as an advertising agency at Charisma Communications. He endorsed the advertising campaigns for several companies like Rolex Watch, IBM, CBS Sports, CBS News, and AT&T. As a producer, he won an Emmy Award for his 1983 Superbowl XVI opening titles. Reportedly, James also worked on President Trump's Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach, Florida as the entertainment director. 


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